The Santa Clara Community Garden is Now a Reality!

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The SantaClara Community Organization has partnered with Huerto de la Familia and St. Matthews Episcopal Church and created a new community garden in Santa Clara.

Santa Clara/River Road Implementation Planning Team (SCRRIPT) listening sessions have concluded

SCRRIPT listening sessions were designed to gather as many neighbors as possible in River Road and Santa Clara together in small groups to present issues and suggest policies that will be considered as the new area plan for these neighborhoods is worked on beginning in 2015.  They began in June 2014 and concluded in September of 2014.  110 people participated in 14 listening sessions: 7 in the River Road area, and 7 in Santa Clara.  Results of these sessions were presented at the regular community organization meetings in November for both Santa Clara and River Road.  Th

Next meeting: March 5

The next meeting of the Santa Clara Community Organization is Thursday, March 5.  The Program will be a discussion of the proposed County vehicle registration tax, presented by Commissioner Jay Bozievich.


Thursday, March 5,  7:00 p.m.

Messiah Lutheran Church,

3280 River Road



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In 2011The Santa Clara Community Organization joined with the River Road Community Organization in a grant from the City Of Eugene Neighborhood Services.  The grant is called the Strategic Neighborhood Assessment and Planning grant (SNAP).  Both groups worked together for  10 months in a comprehensive education and outreach project to both neighborhoods.  This was the opening phase of an action plan for the community to address concerns in the areas of transportation, land use, governance, and parks and recreation and other issues that arose as a concern that applies to

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The Santa Clarion is sent out to an e-mail list approximately monthly, announcing meetings and reporting news in the area.  Those interested in receiving this may contact to request being added to the subscriber list.

About the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO)

Santa Clara is a community of 4242 acres on the northern fringe of the City of Eugene, Oregon. It began its existence as a sleepy outpost farming community and officially became Santa Clara in 1890 when Colonel A.J. Straight bought a large chunk of land here and named it after his home in California. The area’s identity became attached to Eugene as large suburban development began here between 1960 and 1975. Today there are about 20,231residents and about 53% of the area is incorporated with the City of Eugene.

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